What Does Your Facebook Timeline Say About You? Part 1

Facebook Timeline, personality, you, your Facebook Timeline

Do you like posting your selfies and OOTDs on your Facebook Timeline? If yes, did you know that it reflects what kind of person you are?

Most of today’s generation has been shaped not only by family, environment and personal experiences – but by social media in majority. The most common and widely used social media today is the Facebook. 

Now, what does your Facebook Timeline has to do with you?

Facebook Timeline, personality, you, your Facebook Timeline

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Well, as we mentioned earlier, majority of the people’s personality, characteristics and stands are shaped by social media.

Whether you’ve realized it or not, everything from your profile picture, personal information, status updates, comments and even your typing style results to developing your personal brand.

What do we mean with personal brands?

Well, we all know the fact that every one of us wants to brand ourselves.

You might want others to think of you as music lover, confident, shy, outgoing, cool, or whatever you want.

Facebook Timeline, personality, you, your Facebook Timeline

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Before posting a picture or updating a status, a question in your head might always pop up: How will my peers see me if I post this?

So, based on the observations and researches we have made out from scrolling down the people’s posts and knowing their opinion, we have come into a conclusion:

  1. On people posting their emotions and opinion on their Facebook Timeline

The perks of posting your emotions: You will be branded as an open person and bold. You are not afraid to share your problems, hurts or your say about something to the public.

People would mostly choose to be with you when they are emotional or they want to know about a certain issue because for them you can relate to them.

Facebook Timeline, personality, you, your Facebook Timeline

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The detriment of posting your emotions: You will be branded as emotional and likes to brag. Sometimes people would think of you as fragile because you are easily affected and you easily react. 

People would mostly not choose to say something bad in front you because of the fear that you might post it in the Facebook and having them as the suspect for your emotion.

What to do when posting emotions: When you want to post an emotion and opinion on your wall, you have to make sure that you are not doing it consistently.

Also, you have to balance the posting of your emotion. Do not post sad emotion daily, post something happy too. And with your opinion, it is always best to verify before reacting.


The continuation of this blog post is on the next post.

(with Valentina “Aling” Jakosalem, The Memoriter Writing Service Intern)

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