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Cebu’s Premier Cosplay Convention Celebrates 10th Year

Make way for yet another fun-packed day as Cebu’s premier cosplay and hobbies convention celebrates its 10th year with its eleventh season — Otakufest 2018!

This time around, fans and enthusiast of Eastern and Western pop culture and hobbies will be able to enjoy a wider variety of booths and activities as the convention moves to a bigger location this year: the Cebu Business Park Field, right behind CIC-Main campus! PLUS: convention lovers can be sure to get the most out of their money’s worth because the event is already from 9am to 10pm

Organized by Otakufest Events Management, Otakufest 2018 promises to deliver to its loyal attendees a memorable convention experience. Enjoy a variety of signature Otakufest activities, such as the Asian Pop Dance Competition, Japanese Singing Contest, Original Character Design Competition, and DOTA 2 Competition!

The event’s cosplay competition also brings to the Cebuano cosplay community the city’s first
ever World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Central & Eastern Visayas Regional Qualifiers. The competition’s Grand Champion will be sent to the WCS Philippines Finals in Manila for a chance to represent the country during the World Cosplay Summit 2018 in Nagoya, Japan!

Aside from these competitions, attendees will be able to enjoy a variety of food and merchandise booths and exhibits, as well as the most awaited Artist Alley, a venue for amateur Filipino artists to showcase their works inspired by anime, manga, and other popular culture. With these offerings, Otakufest 2018 strives to continue bringing a complete gakuensai (school festival) experience to its attendees, as it always has year after year.

Completing the highlights of the event is the opportunity to meet the event’s Special Guests. For the first time in Otakufest’s history, there will be a special live performance by 4-member Japanese vocal and dance group bless4.

Bless4 is a 4-member Japanese vocal and dance group. From L-R: Aiki, Kanasa, Akino, Akashi.

Composed of siblings Akashi, Kanasa, Akino and Aiki, bless4 is most known for having composed and created their own amazing songs. The younger sister, Akino, is also known in the anime world as she sang the opening themes of several popular animes: Sousei no Aquarion (Genesis of Aquarion), Amagi Brilliant Park and Kantai Collection.

There will also be guest appearances by renowned Thai cosplayer Yuegene Fay, Korean cosplayer Eki Holic, World Cosplay Summit 2017 PH representative Kaizoku Ellie, and master craftsman Vincent Estapon!

Tickets are available on the event day at P150 each. For more information on Otakufest, check out their official Facebook page: facebook.com/ofest


Otakufest 2018 is organized in partnership with Cebu Holdings, Inc., Ayala Center Cebu, LIVE TECH, Halo Halo Radio 105.1 Cebu, World Cosplay Summit Philippines, Seven Note’s Inc., Quest Hotel & Conference Center – Cebu, Official Media Partner Cebu Daily News and Official Channel Partner Animax Asia.

The event is also presented to you by Jellyfish Education Consultancy, Slimmers World, and Avon Philippines. Special thanks as well to co-presentor Cebu Log. Otakufest is also grateful for the support of Major Sponsors: My Language Cafe, Nature’s Spring, and Virginia Food, Inc., and Minor Sponsors: Alliance Software Incorporated, Third Team Media, QueenCityCebu.Com, PayPerClick.ph and Teng’s Sisig Bar.


Third Team Media is proud to be a Minor Sponsor and media partner for Otakufest 2018. We love supporting this event made by geeks, especially for the geeks like us! 

A Golden Decade of Gratitude with Golden Prince Hotel

In the hospitality industry where competition to be the best service provider available is intense, being able to celebrate a golden decade of consistently providing outstanding service fit for royalty calls for a real celebration. In this case, Golden Prince Hotel and Suites has every reason to be grateful.

Being the first and only hotel to provide a truly Cebuano Royalty Experience, Golden Prince Hotel and Suites kicks off their golden decade, aptly-titled Bulawanong Dekada, with a month-long series of enticing activities to honor its first decade!

Earlier this year, Golden Prince Hotel launched Tower 2 in the presence of the hotel’s President and many VIP guests. Since its humble beginnings in 2006 with only 57 rooms, it has grown to accommodate more than a thousand guests in its 159 brand new rooms while continually providing their guests the hotel’s trademark — warm Cebuano hospitality that makes its guests experience the lifestyle of royalty.

This month, this well-known Cebuano hotel marks their milestone anniversary of ten years, celebrating their glorious rise in Cebu’s hospitality industry.

Golden Decade

For their Bulawanong Dekada celebrations, the hotel introduces a variety of celebratory promotions, ranging from special accommodation packages, irresistible deals, and even to enticing competitions that truly showcase the talents of its Cebuano participants.

September kicked off with a Picture This! Photography Contest until September 8th, which was opened to and professional photographers alike. The event served as an opportunity for photographers to exhibit their craft and showcase the beauty of the golden hotel.

On September 9th, Golden Prince Hotel held the Speak Up! Speech Competition to showcase the talents of its participants in delivering eloquent speeches.

Picture This! (Photography Competition) Grand Winner

Picture This! Golden Moment (Photograph of the Year) winner Jan Kirwin Chua showing his winning photograph. Also in the photo is Golden Prince Hotel staff who was featured in this very photograph!


Speech Competition competitors

The participants of the Speak Up Speech Competition with the big bosses of Golden Prince Hotel.

On September 16th and 17th, the hotel held a series of workshops in partnership with the Golden Resource Academy for Career Enhancement (GRACE). Touted as the GRACE Communication Series, this two-day affair offered an opportunity for students and professionals alike to improve their communication skills.

Speaker Mike Grogan in action

Speaker Mike Grogan in action as he talks about the world-class Filipino on Day 1 of the GRACE Communication Series


GRACE Communication Workshops

Dr. Cristie Ann Delfin talks to participants on conquering their fears in public speaking on Day 2 of the GRACE Communication Series

And as if these activities weren’t enough, Golden Prince Hotel goes the extra mile to provide a venue for health & wellness activities, such as the Salamat Dok! Medical Mission, Badminton CompetitionZumba Fitness Party and Miracle Meeting (Healing Ministry) with Pastor Mark Hemans. These activities served as the hotel’s way of giving back to the people who helped them establish a reliable name in the local hospitality industry.

This September 30th, to culminate its tenth anniversary, Golden Prince Hotel and Suites will host a special evening of celebration and memorable performances from an upcoming local sensation, Stephanie and no less than Asia’s Queen of Songs, Ms. Pilita Corrales.

A bountiful amount of international cuisine will be served to the guests while being serenaded by the legend along with other stars during this memorable Night with Pilita Corrales!


With all the events slated by the hotel in celebration of 10th Anniversary, it is indeed a Golden Decade worth celebrating with gratitude!

And oh, yes, tickets are still available for A Night with Pilita Corrales. For ticket reservations and inquiries, do call them at 230-1500 or 230-1555. Daghang salamat!

Top 9 Reasons Why You Gotta Be at GOAB

It’s that time of the year again where we geeks wish we were relaxing at the beach,  instead of staying huddled in front of our laptops and gadgets. With our thoughts running a mile a minute and jumping from one project to another to keep up with the workload, we can only scream the words “I need a break!” in our minds. Sometimes, on the most tiring and task-filled days, we can only wish we could mix work and leisure together.

Sometimes, on the most tiring and task-filled days, we can only wish we could mix work and leisure together.

Now, friends, this is where Geeks on a Beach (or GOAB, to all you acronym-loving geeksters out there) comes in. Words cannot express our delight  for this event, where the brightest minds in technology, startup, entrepreneurship and design convene together in summer wear and bare feet against the fine sands of Boracay.

But alas, let us count the reasons why GOAB is the place and event to be, especially this August 2015:

GOAB - Product Ad - 1 - May 25, 2015

  1. Learn from the leaders of the technology, startups and design world

The best and the brightest minds in technology, startups and design will be present at this dress-down, straight to the point and no-holds-barred conference to share their ideas and best practices to invigorate the Philippine startup ecosystem! We’re just getting started, but it’s already awesome!

  1.  Get up close and personal with the panel —  find the answers you’ve been looking for

Don’t worry if our speakers’ presentations don’t cover questions that are left unanswered in your mind. At GOAB, we encourage everyone to throw these questions at our speakers so they can give us a lil’ piece of their brain. Yum!

  1. Choose sessions on topics that matter to you the most

We’re here to learn, yes, but we’re not in university anymore, where we’re required to attend classes for every subject that’s on your syllabus. Nope. Not here. Your best interests are prioritized. Feel free to join all the breakout sessions if that’s what floats your banca, but know that you can always choose to attend only those that matter to you.

GOAB - Product Ad - 2 - May 25, 2015

  1. Serious talks about anything under the sun  in your most comfortable clothes

Whether it be about the latest updates on what’s new with the social media scene or the syntax and semantics of programming languages, rest assured you’ll be having comfortable conversations. Who would pass up on the opportunity to chitchat about geeky topics on the beach while sipping a refreshing drink?

  1. Meet angels in disguise — your company’s heaven-sent angels

GOAB is not only a venue for us to meet our fellow geeks, it’s also where we start believing heaven on earth is real. Angel investors and seed funding groups abound at GOAB, where they are constantly on the look out for fresh startups with brilliant visions! Here, geeks are given the chance to pitch their brightest and most innovative ideas to prospective investors to get their ideas off the ground.

  1. Know what’s actually happening in the Philippine and Southeast Asian tech and startups scene

This event is spearheaded by Techtalks.ph, a known industry leader in Philippine technology and startups. This non-profit community group has helped organize over 10 Startup Weekend workshops so it has connections with most startup leaders in Southeast Asia as well.  It’s no wonder that most attendees invited to the conference will be updated with what’s going on in the PH tech scene as well as neighboring countries. This makes for a good conversation starter between like-minded geeks too!

GOAB - Product Ad - 3 - May 25, 2015

  1. More opportunities to grow your social butterfly wings

We meet more and more people at GOAB every year — some very familiar faces that have been around since the inaugural launch of the event, and some fresh, new faces that were led by the curious cat to the venue. Nevertheless, GOAB proves to be a key networking opportunity for its attendees, because it brings together key players — investors, startup founders, developers and designers — from all over the world.

  1. Sponsorship opportunities are endless for your brand

Just as angel investors are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas, sponsors likewise are given opportunities to improve their brand presence through the event. Our sponsors get premium exposure for their brands throughout the marketing campaign for GOAB, the premiere startup conference in the Philippines.

Furthermore, sponsors seeking more specific goals such as looking to hire talent or looking to invest in specific startups, can work with the GOAB organizers to customize their sponsorship to meet these goals.  Take this opportunity to use GOAB to further your company goals and meet personal objectives.

  1. Sun + Beach = FUN!

Geeks on a Beach will never be Geeks on a Beach without the sun, beach and awesome geeks! In between sessions and after a long day at the conference, we geeks come together to unwind and relax by the sea — a perfect ending to a productive yet fun-filled day at GOAB.

Whether you’re a first-time attendee testing the GOAB waters, or a loyal, dedicated fan that’s returning to Geeks on a Beach for the third (!) time, one thing resounds clearly for all of you: GOAB is the convention made by geeks, for geeks. It’s our belated summer escapade, where we work hard, and play harder.Head on over to

Head on over to geeksonabeach.com and sign up for #GOAB this August! 🙂

Ten Tips for the Next Project X!

People often aspire to be part of the organizing team for events, mostly because of its perks, may it be the free food or merchandise, or the chance to be up close and personal with the event guests. However, events are not easy to organize, as they entail a lot of preparation on the organizing team’s part. One must be prepared for insanity — a lot of sleepless nights, countless stressful meetings that run for hours on end, and being pushed beyond their limits that a nervous breakdown is almost inevitable.

From strategic planning up until event delivery and closure, the entire event life cycle is a challenge in itself, but many will agree that the positive feedback they receive after the event make the experience worthwhile and much more bearable.

Of course, organizers don’t get out of these events clueless. A lot of valuable lessons are learned, some that would have saved time and kept their sanity a little more intact. Let’s take a moment to review these lessons together. This is not meant to discourage you from organizing your own events, mind you, but this is so that you can plan, execute your tasks properly, and save yourself the heartache while it’s still early.

Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?

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