Introducing Red Coat Direct: An Answer To Every Planner’s Wish

Do you have an upcoming meeting, seminar or any event? Or do you know someone who is planning an event? If yes, then this one is definitely for you! Cebu Marriott hotel is elevating their service as they created a mobile web app meant just for you.

Just this June 16, Cebu City Marriott hotel launched the first of its kind app, Red Coat Direct.  This is a clever mobile web app made for the needs of the event planners. It is a one click away communication between the planner and Marriott hotel service.

Red Coat Direct


Red Coat Direct is a mobile web app, so there is no need of downloading it. Any device, like smartphone, tab or laptop can run the app. Three days prior to the event, the Marriott hotel sends an email to the planner with a link. All that needs to be done is click on the link and the planner will be able to use the app.

Everything in the app has been customized for the requests of the planner. This includes foods and beverages, tech/AV needs, room, temperature control and other requests the planner’s need.

Moreover, last minute changes will not be as disturbance as it is before. Planners will just need to click the button of their desired changes without even walking around and looking for any person in charge. Even if the planner is on the airport, on the cab or on their way to Marriott hotel, they can make any changes and request wherever they are. Even if the event has started, the planner can still make a request. The planner is able to know that their request is being administered because they will receive a respond like, “Your request has been processed”.

Every second is very precious and the Marriott hotel understood it very well. With the use of the Red Coat Direct, planning and organizing an event is quick and easy!

For more information, checkout their website,

(with Valentina “Aling” Jakosalem, The Memoriter Writing Service Intern)

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