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social media, content marketing

Imagine that happy moment where you create your own blog post and you found out a number of people have engaged in your post. It somehow boost your confidence and ego in writing. But what if you are experiencing the opposite? Have you ever wondered how do these renowned writers hook the readers and audience with their content?

social media, content marketing


This is not a plain sorcery. It is a sorcery of words and ideas combined to create a content interesting to the readers. Getting people hooked to your content means something more than you ever know.

Great content marketing means serving your readers the good stuff all the way to the end. More than 50% of readers drop out 50% of the way through content on the internet. Sure many can write content – that’s pretty easy as abc.

One could create a post with 500 words, 800 words or even 3,000 words. But how sure are you that you are creating a remarkable relationship with the reader? After reading the content, the reader can easily press the ‘X’ button and can sit back, relax then say “Alright, another dude with some point.”

Don’t settle for it. You can bring that reader back. Yes, you’ve read it right!

By creating an interesting and right content, you can bring him/her back and turn him/her into a loyal reader who would go through your postings from then to then.

Content marketing starts with your content, precisely. You need to bring this to your reader in any way you can.


Great contents won’t be noticed if your headlines are flimsy. The soul of your blog are your articles’ headlines. It is the first thing people read on search engines, social media and e-mails.

Unless you start writing catchy headlines that will make people click on your post, you won’t become a great blogger. If your posts and articles aren’t getting read, it’s bad considering the energy and time you’re putting into every article you write.

social media, content marketing



Have your own distinct voice. That’s how you should be writing. Do not be afraid using it for maybe it won’t sound that cool. Rambling in your articles is a no, no. Your writing should look polished, tidy and smooth. Your natural tone should come across very well.

Using your tone in getting down your ideas is a great start. Editing is what makes your article sound cool and entertaining in a polished sense.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Play with your readers imaginations through visuals. This makes it a powerful element in blogging and posting.

You’re completely missing out big time if you’re not using images as part of your content. Some of your readers will still have some difficulty figuring out your messages. Pictures makes it so easy for any type of reader to understand the topic.

A good image will make your post more memorable (but don’t forget to focus also on your headline!) and could create a bigger impact on your readers. It will also depend on the relevancy of the image to the text. Using an irrelevant image that says different thing won’t work. That’s why you should be very picky with the images you use on your blog post.

The eyes can easily get tired when reading online. A good image can serve as a resting place for the eyes. It keeps the reader interested in your wonderful piece of content.


Touch your subscribers and make them feel that there’s no communication barrier between the both of you. Do email marketing. Keep in touch through mails. When you hit the reply button, make sure that there’s no moderator, no secretary nor a community manager. E-mail marketing can be a great tool to carry your content through. In social media, you can reply to comments of your readers and like posts in order to establish a relationship.


Writing a content which is reader engaging and relatable can attract readers to be hooked in your posts. You can be fun, serious or out-going in your write-ups, depending on the topic you will be writing. Just remember to stick to your topic and don’t go way too overboard in expressing yourself. Consider your readers and know them well for you to keep them.


Writing something new or trending can hook readers. Offer new twists and topic to your articles. Let the reader anticipate and look forward to your future posts. Offer a good quality content and readers will reciprocate back at you by getting enticed to your content. Readers always look for a distinction between articles. A fresh post in the market can give you a break and would attract readers. So work your head on and think outside the box.

Hook your readers to your content. Be wise enough to know what to write and brainstorm first before anything else. Creating media traffic is something you should want to achieve.

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(by Kristine Jewel Sotto, The Memoriter Writing Service Intern)

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