Don’t Get Blacklisted Because Of Poor Social Media Copy

social media copy mistakes, social media copy, content marketing

Yes, you have a social media copy. The question is- are you doing it right?

Creating a status on your post can be a bit easy and quick that everyone can do it. Because of it being labeled as easy and quick, many fall into the pit of mistakes. You have to bear in mind that small mistakes can lead to big destruction to your business.

social media copy mistakes, social media copy, content marketing


Do you want to get blacklisted just because of a poor social media copy?

It would be a nightmare.

Here are some common pitfalls, you need to avoid the next time you make your social media copy:

  1. Do not use the headline of the article as the status.

It is important that you put your opinion about the article. Share your thought about the article and encourage them to read it. If you are only giving what they can read on the article which is the headline, they will somehow conclude you lack ideas and will to entice them. Use words that are enticing enough to direct them on reading your article.

  1. Ask questions

In content marketing, it is really good to ask your readers. This makes them wonder and want for an answer. You just have to make sure that the question you raise is connected to the article or image you posted.

social media copy mistakes, social media copy, content marketing


  1. Avoid using highfaluting words

Using simple yet strong words is encouraged. What is the use of using highfaluting words to impress your readers when they can’t understand you at all? This drives them to  unfollow you. Take note, it is more important to make them understand than to make them praise you then eventually leave you.

  1. Tag others

Tagging other business gives you a wider scope of audiences. This is also for your image. It makes the people see that you are confident with your business that you are not afraid to tag other. You are not afraid to be overlapped by other business. Also, it encourages other business to tag you with their post. By that, you are already building a relationship.

  1. Consider human behavior

When posting a status, think about how people feel. Think on what will make them click your post. You can focus on their social needs or in their emotional needs. You can encourage your readers effectively when you know very well the human behavior.

  1. Know your purpose

Above all, it is essential that you know why you are doing the social media copy. You will not reach the end if you don’t have a purpose. When you know the purpose of your social media copy, you will have a set focus that is good for your business.

If you commit the same social media copy mistakes again, your readers will eventually leave. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

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