Election Gimmicks That Will Make You Say WTF

Candies for Election Gimmick

Bombarding the voting public with campaign ads is one thing, but creating an unusual campaign gimmick is another thing.

Election gimmicks from politicians are not anymore new. They bear something unique, new, and controversial to make them stand out among their rivals. Some are basic, some are shady and some are making their rivals snatch out their weave.

We run down a list of crazy political gimmicks in this year’s Philippine elections, showing how thirsty they can be.


Election Gimmicks with Naughty Taglines

Politicians using naughty taglines are coming for you and your squad… asking for your votes. They try to make it as cool as you guys, as you laugh with it. One example is this candidate from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Election Gimmick

Does naughty taglines work?

His tagline “Taas, Dako, Gahi” literally translates to “Long, Big, and Hard.”

It makes us think of another thing TBH, but it’s actually a play of words for “Taas ug Paglantaw (Has high perception)”, “Dako ug Kasing-kasing (With big heart)”, and “Gahi ug baruganan (with strong principles)”.


Naughty Taglines Election Gimmick

Puns everywhere.
(Photo Credit: Harry Radaza Facebook Page)

Well, he’s keeping it 100, and it’s a genius election gimmick for real.



In the past, we’ve heard stories of politicians who are reportedly giving away free stuff with their names written all over. Branding 101, right? We have seen donated goods, candies, ball pens, and even coffins with politician’s names written on them.

Well, those are the basic stuff to giveaway. It’s 2016 already and the marketing folks are stepping up their “freebie” game!



One Presidential candidate pushes the limits of giving freebies with various customized freebies.

Candies for Election Gimmick

Candies, anyone? (Photo Credits: Manila Bulletin)

The “Binay” candies became viral on social media, criticizing Vice President Jejomar Binay for its premature campaigning. The labelled candies have been given since the summer of 2015, and have been resurfacing the entire year.

What do you think is the flavor of this candy? Would you like to try some?



If the candies are extreme, then you haven’t seen this.

Rosary Election Gimmick

Rosaries, anyone? (Photo Credit: Rappler.com)

The same Presidential candidate has been giving away customized rosaries! Yep, you read it right. Rosaries, with a letter B attached to the cross. Sorry, but Binay is not sorry.

Do you think they’re a bit extra? Wait ‘till you see the next one.





Phones Election Gimmick

Some Binay Phones for you, perhaps?
(Photo Credits: Manila Bulletin)

Yes. Phones, m’dear. Phones are the next big thing to be given away during elections. Images of Binay phones being given away surfaced the public since 2015, but now, another candidate is stepping up to the “phoney” game.


Phones 2 Election Gimmick

Tolentino Phones, you want?
(Photo Credits: Politiko.com)

Senatorial candidate Francis Tolentino’s in the bandwagon to give away free phones. Would you like to have these as collectibles?


Remember when Pinoy comics were a thing? Now, one Presidential candidate is bringing it back.

Roxas Election Gimmick

The Trending Comics of today.
(Photo Credits: Rappler)

“Sa Unos Ng Baha (In the Midst of the Storm)” is a supposed “true-to-life” story of how the Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer, Mar Roxas brought out the hero in him by helping the people on the onset of Typhoon Haiyan.

Mar Roxas Comic Election Gimmick

One of the pages of “…Baha” comics
(Photo Credits: Interaksyon)

The comic caused controversy and drew flak from typhoon victims themselves and his critics.

Roxas responded that the comic book was made by his supporters, which caused more uproar.


Vice Presidential candidate, Bongbong Marcos also joined the comics bandwagon as his own comicbook was released as part of his Election Gimmicks.

Similar with Roxas’ response, he mentioned that the comic book was also made by his supporters

The 20-page comic book portrays the Marcos family as having been unfairly treated during the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.

The 20-page comic book portrays the Marcos family as having been unfairly treated during the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.


However, the distribution of the comic books didn’t last long, as Marcos himself requested to stop it.

Marcos maintained that the contents of the comics were true and he did not in any way revise history.



Social Media

And of course, in this digital world, election gimmicks won’t be complete without conquering social media.

Presidentiable candidate  Grace Poe sought to advance its presidential campaign by releasing a collection of Viber stickers. The free stickers, available for download on Viber Sticker Market, features Poe in cartoon form with various messages.

Viber Stickers, POE. [Photo Credits: Politics.com.ph]

Viber Stickers, POE. [Photo Credits: Politics.com.ph]


Well, the struggle is real just to get the public’s vote. What other election gimmicks have you noticed that made you say WTF?

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