Are You Making A Fool Of Yourself On Social Media?

worst advice, social media marketing, content marketing

Sometimes, some advice is just not worth following. Do you know what we mean?

Whether you’re just starting up or you’re in the business for a long time,you want to make a wave. Because you really are desperate to do better than ever, you seek for an advice.

It is actually good to ask an advice from other people. The bad thing about is when you immediately follow their recommendations without thinking the aftermath.

worst advice, social media marketing, content marketing


Many people tend to give so-true-yet-wrong advice to others about digital marketing and they end up having a bad outcome.

We don’t want you to end up like that. So, here are some worst advices you may read from other sites. This will help you avoid them.

The “Post consistently. It doesn’t matter what you post about” advice

Okay I do not want you to get it wrong. Posting consistently is a really good advice, but what follows it makes it wrong. Posting consistently is going to make your audience into readers then into customers. But you have to take note, if your posting nonsense and lousy content, your audience will eventually leave you.

Although posting consistently attracts them like a magnet, consistency of relevant and good content makes them stay. Consistency in posting is useless if you disregard what you post.

The “If you received a bad comment, don’t mind it to avoid conflict. Just delete the comment” advice

This kind of advice is kind of catchy to follow, right? Especially when you want to retain the good reputation of your business. But hey! It is definitely not right to ignore your customer’s comment no matter how bad it is.

Remember, either you turn left or right, there will always be a good and bad comment about the things you post or share. But it is not right to just disregard it, you have to deal with those bad comments.

Give them a sincere reply. Apologize if you know you’re wrong and acknowledge their initiatives to correct you. Make the bad comment a way for you to have a better relationship.

The “Be in all social network as possible. It boost your identity” advice

Okay,hold on. This is one of the worst advice followed by many. Social networks are indeed big help to boost your product. People nowadays are into social media and it is important to be updated. But then again, joining all the social network is a somehow a waste of time.

You cannot manage all the network constantly. Eventually one or two of your network will be quite and will receive less of the attention. Instead of joining all the social networks, why don’t you focus on the social networks that are commonly used by the majority of your customers?

The “Copy what your competitors is doing” advice

Oh no! You are absolutely not going to follow this one. Though what your competitor is doing boost their business, it does not require you to copy them. Instead of copying what they do, make something original. Brainstorm with your team, you may come up with a brilliant and even more creative plan than your competitor’s. The best thing about that plan is originality.

The “Don’t ask for likes nor shares. It will make you desperate and in need” advice

Everybody is in need in business. No matter how high your business have reached and achieved, you surely will need something. And as simple as like and share won’t kill your pride at all. It helps you a lot. It shows to the people that you are humble enough to ask for their help.

The “Create as many hashtag as you can to have many branding” advice

Joining some social network is a good step. Branding your business is another good step. But creating many hashtags to generate your branding is not good at all. It will only confuse your customer. Use hashtags, but do not overdo it.

The “Make every detail available to your customers” advice

It is good to provide details to your customers. It only proves you are open and ready to help them. But providing every bit of details is not good anymore. You don’t need to include the address of your house or even your home telephone number. There are limitations to everything. Provide only what is needed like an email of your business for them to contact you.

worst advice, social media marketing, content marketing


The “Use as many keywords as you can to top on the rank of Google” advice

Undeniably, keywords are important. It helps your content be recognized by Google. But then again, do not worry too much about keywords. There’s a lot more that goes into SEO than just keywords.

The “Create cool site. It will bring in more customers” advice

Yes, site must be appealing enough to attract readers. But it is not true that the site is what makes the people stay. It is your content, services, and your relationship with them. Expensive website is useless if you can’t make them stay.

The “Your site definitely needs to be in ‘A’ social networking site” advice

Many bloggers now are calling you to be in a specific networking site. They might be telling you all the good things you will have if you joined the specific site. You don’t need to follow them.

The social network site you will choose depends on what the majority of your customers use. Look at your customer and examine what site gets the most, then that’s the time you choose.

Avoid these worst advice and start doing what’s right. It is never too late to leave all those bad advices and start chasing the right ones.

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