Amazing Tips on Creating Compelling Ads Online

Creating Compelling Ads

You must have seen an attention-grabbing advertisement or two in your lifetime as well as ads that left you a little bit confused, questioning what the ads’ message really was. And, if you were a marketer, the latter reaction would be the least you expect from your audience.

It was said that advertising is the price to be paid for being unremarkable. We don’t think so because even remarkable businesses are turning to advertisements. According to an article, no matter how wonderful your product is, if you don’t advertise it, no one’s going to know about it.

Ads play a vital role in in every marketing strategy to increase existing and potential customers’ awareness of your brand or product and the list of its benefits goes on. And, we know that you know it too.

Creating Compelling Ads


But the question is, how can you create a compelling online text and banner ads that would attract existing and potential customers attention?

No worries because here are some tips:

Know who your target are.

The first and very important thing you need to do is know your target. Try putting yourself in the shoes of the people who will be reading your ad. Pause for a while. Close your eyes and imagine if you were them. Understand what keeps them frustrated, confused, and happy after seeing your ad.

Once you’ll get the message, it would be easier for you to be relevant with what your target wants. With that, making your target comfortable with you and your product will be easier for you.

Check your Headlines.

Great ads are more than just words. It tells you stories or experiences that will make you feel the urgency to read more.

Remember that great and attention-grabbing ads always start with an equally attention-grabbing headlines. Create headlines that will make your existing and potential customers to understand what love at first sight means.

If you want your existing and potential customers to get hooked, you might want to get some inspiration from an article we wrote about writing headlines.

Extend your message in the simplest way possible.

“Says what?” is the least you wanted to hear from your existing and potential customers. Hence, extend your message in a way they will understand what you are trying to say. Make everything clear and specific especially in telling the benefits they will get from your product.

After all, it is the benefits that make people interested with your product or services, so why hide it? It was said that many ads may be clever, but they fail in highlighting what their product is capable of doing for those who wants to avail it.

Be creative. Be intriguing.

It won’t hurt if you make your ad less revealing. You are still telling what the benefits of your product are, but in a creative way. And, the key in achieving a good result from your creative approach is to raise your existing and potential customers’ curiosity.

It was said that instead of saying what everyone is saying, be out of the ordinary and create some creative and intriguing ads.

This ad of Mercy Academy, an all-female Catholic college-prep academy in Kentucky, just proved that curiosity only kills the cat but never the ad. Here are some of their ads:



Creating Compelling Ads



Compelling ads are what drive your existing and potential customer to convert themselves into customers, and eventually, into company ambassadors. So, stretch your arms, brainstorm for ideas and work on that compelling ad.  Also, it wouldn’t hurt if you consider these tips as your first step in making your goal happen.


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