5 Apps For OFWs To Reconnect And Bond With Families

Many Filipinos have been going abroad for greener pastures for years. Leaving behind their families may be the last thing they want to do but the desire for a better life motivates them to sacrifice time spent with family.

However, as technology continues to develop, applications or apps have emerged to help overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) regularly bond with their family through treasured conversations online.

Connecting Families through Technology

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Unlike long-distance calls, downloading an app is not costly. In fact, several can be downloaded for free and is compatible with almost any mobile and electronic devices such as, smartphones, desktop, netbook, and laptops. An OFW can chat, talk face to face, play, and share moments with her or his family without paying large bills.

We have listed here five of the popular apps that connect OFWs with their families:


When we talk about updates, Facebook’s features are the best to know what your family has been up to. By hitting the “Like”, “Share”, and “Comment” buttons, you may tell them what you want to say. With Facebook, it easier to track your family by looking at their profiles and posts. If you are searching for a real-time chatting, you may use the Facebook messenger. Through Facebook, an overseas worker can feel that even though he’s not home, he knows his family’s activities. Since Facebook is available and used worldwide, it would be accessible for an overseas worker and his or her families.

5 apps for OFWs to reconnect and bond with families

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Viber is a chat app that offers free calls, text, and picture sharing with anyone who has a Viber account on any network or device worldwide. So, families could access Viber to be connected with their loved ones abroad. It has real-time video calls that enable an overseas worker and its families to talk face to face. They could talk all they want because Viber is unlimited.


Snapchat has a photo and video sharing platform that enables an overseas worker and his or her families to share a moment through taking videos and photos, adding it with a caption and sending it to each other.


Long distance calls and video calls have never been this easy with Skype. Skype is best for its free real-time calls and video calls. This is the app most used by OFWs because it’s accessible and everyone could create an account easily without hassles. Through this app, families could maximize their time updating each other without minding the bills.


Just like Skype, Whatsapp is a mobile messaging app which offers free exchanging of message, calls and video calls to anyone in your contact list, wherever they are.  This is the best app for OFWs and his or her family to reunite. However, this is only downloadable through smartphones and other mobile devices.

Connecting Families through Technology

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These apps may not let them see their family in person, but at least it can cover the distance between each other. With these apps, no OFWs will be lonely and home-sick anymore.

What other apps did we miss?


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